Gemma & Callum and their VW Campervan

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 Arriving in style to your wedding in a VW Campervan

Gemma’s love of her friends VW Campervan was certainly a wise choice of transport for Callum and Her’s Wedding! It’s vintage style fit perfectly in with the rustic style Barn conversion they had chosen as their venue – The Moreves Barn, resting deep in the suffolk countryside. The Moreves Barn was converted by Mr and Mrs Allen, on their website they show the journey of the transformation and it is quite something! Today it is beautiful! With wooden beams stretching up the walls and across the ceiling like protective arms, the Moreves Barn feels warm like a sanctuary.

There is a gorgeous balcony that hangs over head which can even be used for ceremonies! but our favourite feature had got to be the orange glow that leaked off the decorative fairy lights that hugged the strong beams! Gemma and Callum had delicately finished off this cosy atmosphere by dressing the tables and chairs in soft and simple white sheets with subtle bows hung on the chairs.

Although their wedding was leading into the Wintery season of the year, the 20th of October’s Sun graced up with a surprisingly warm presence, and probably more outstanding than ever for England  – we had no rain! This made the transition from the ceremony (at a nearby Church – St Lawrence) to the Barn smooth and with their beautiful VW Camper Van trundling along the winding roads with the sun reflecting off the silver wheels, it almost felt like summer!

Gemma and Callum were lucky enough that their Camper van actually belonged to their friend, and he even drove it on the day for them! However there are lots of places you can get your own VW Campervan to hire for your wedding day on such sites as; Constable Classic Campers , The Little vintage Carco , Vintage Car and Camperhire All of which are Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex based just like us!

As a Wedding Photographer we want to get some stunning pictures of you and your new life partner – however we also don’t want to interrupt the day, so we do intervals of 10 minuet shoots. 10 minuets with the bride and groom, and 10 minuets with family, bridesmaids etc! Normally that is just enough time for bride and groom to be away from the party – have a bit of creative fun and to have some personal time together before jumping back into the celebrations!

When it came to Gemma and Callum, they were so into the photos we ended up doing 3 intervals of 10 minuets. The Moreves Barn has a large pond round the back which proved a brilliant location to take some snaps! Beautiful scenery hung effortlessly in the background – some of the rolling suffolk hills, and others with the ageing burnt red painted brick of the barn, peeping in the distance. Its no wonder this young bubbly couple were loving this romantic scene so much! Check out some of the wonderful photographs we got of them on the day…oh and of course of their  beloved VW Campervan!!

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Gemma and Callums Wedding Photography Album

Ceremony Location – St Lawrence Church 

Reception Location – Moreves Barn

Chair Covers – Extravaganza 

Florist – Kaye Souter

Disco/Lights – Cutting Entertainment