The Baby Grow Proposal

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Baby Grow Proposal

Charlie and James’s special day all began with a Baby grow proposal…

We could not get over how cute Charlie’s baby grow proposal was! With already a beautiful family of four, the only thing that was missing  was photos in an elegant dress. Charlie said it was just a few weeks after their son Harrison was born that proposing came to mind. The couple, introducing Harrison with his older sister, and coming together as a family were enveloped in a bubble of love. Charlie discussed the proposal with a close friend of hers, the same friend who gave her the idea of the baby grow proposal. So with a little encouragement – Charlie proposed, and aren’t we glad she did.

Hintleham Hall never disappoints, with its marbled floors, large sparkling chandeliers and breathtaking grounds. Charlie even admitted that they felt no need to over decorate as the rooms were so beautiful already! One of the most beautiful things of their wedding day, however, was not Hintlesham Hall, but Charlie and Charlie’s dress. The dress with its lace neckline and fluid skirt, looked as though it was made for her, you would think would be an easy choice! However, Charlie regailed her wedding dress fiasco.

As we all know choosing a wedding dress is one of the most important decisions of your whole wedding and for some, it can take longer than others. Charlie was one of the most relaxed brides we had met, she chose everything easily and decisions were coming naturally. Apart from the dress! After already paying for half of a different wedding dress, Charlie suddenly changed her mind. She began searching online and found more dresses that she loved. In Beautiful Designs, Ipswich she finally tried on her dress, and that was it! Charlie claims it was the most stressful thing of her whole wedding!

So don’t worry if you don’t find THE dress straight away, and remember – it’s never too late to change your mind!

Bits and Bobs.


Dress designer – Pronovias, White Collection

Dress shop – Beautiful Designs

Shoes – Benjamin Adams

Suites – The Grooms Room Essex

Cake – Lucas Cakes

Flowers – W. Flowers

Pianist – Matt Carter


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