Calling all Maid of Honours!

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Maid of Honour

SOS guide for Maid of Honours everywhere!

No one really prepares you for being a Maid of Honour…

  1. Emotional breakdowns; This comes in many forms and for many reasons, however as terrifying as this sounds this is probably the least of your worries! If you’ve been assigned Maid of Honour, I’m sure you have witnessed many years of broken hearts, ugly crying, hissy fits and silly strops. Dealing with this girl when she gets in a mood like this? Please, it’s a piece of cake..or chocolate..; get her laughing, put her in front of the tv, buy her wine – whatever it is that normally sorts her out, take pride in this moment – you’re a pro at this!
  2. Erratical decisions; When your bride turns to you and is exclaiming how much she desperately needs 7 giant balloons with the faces of all her distant friends and family on because they cant attend the wedding. Then excitedly exclaims that at only £500 a balloon she just really can’t not. Unfortunately,   its gonna be your job to be the one to pop that balloon and pull her back down to earth. Surely the honey moon (and not giving your future life partner a heart attack) is more important than a giant rubber clone of your great twice removed cousin you’ve never met from Queens?
  3. Random spurts of Panic; Normally about a year before the wedding your bride will suddenly panic that nothing is done! You may witness her freak out  (like she did the first time she thought she could be pregnant), when you tell her you haven’t decided on your nail varnish colour for the wedding yet. Believe me, this is normal and not personal! Be reassuring (its a big maid of honour job) try list all the things she has decided on and emphasise how much time she has to sort everything, maybe even make a list of everything that needs to be done and when by – its going to be fine – the pregnancy test turned out negative right?
  4. The Hen do Stress; whether you’re doing a surprise thing or she is choosing, if it gets stressful (I say ‘if’ but I most defiantly mean ‘when’) I can guarantee your bride will come out with this statement at least 10 times ‘arghh do you know what, I don’t even want a Hen do anymore‘…This is almost as big a lie as when us girls say we are ‘fine’  – Of course she wants a hen do! She is just gutted that Susie from work and Jane from Yoga still won’t sit in the same room together after their drunken fight at your birthday last year… If this is occurring, take her out of the equation for a while, take charge and assure her those people don’t matter – if it ends up just being the two of you on a mad night out it will still be the best weekend of her life! You’ve never needed anyone else to have fun anyway!
  5. Tears; You will get stressful irrational tears from your bride yes..but the most tears you are gonna notice is your own! Every moment that your beautiful best friend is standing their in THE dress, suddenly nothing else about the wedding matters. It is not a fake movie moment, believe me I was sceptical that ‘you just know’ but i’m telling you really do just know, and it is the best feeling. Make sure she waits for that moment because when its the right dress then the tears will com. – only then is it the right one.

Being Maid of honour is important, and it can be stressful but you also have the most amazing honour. Planning and getting excited about the most important day of your best friends life, and sharing not just the day but everything leading up to it. See our Brides and Bridesmaids page to view our beautiful photographs that have captured priceless moments between brides and their best friends!

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