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Jane and Michael showed us the perfect DIY Wedding!

Jane’s creative flare meant having the most incredible way to have a DIY wedding. Not only Jane and Michael’s love went into this wedding, but a whole lot of designing, attention to personal detail, seeking local creators and finding online gems to put together their fantastically colourful wedding. Jane was so passionate about their wedding day being a fun experience that all of her friends could enjoy. She wanted them to all feel involved in some way or another, and after speaking to her it is clear she well and truly did just that. Before her Wedding day even arrive Jane had kicked off the festivities with a Hen do for her and 15 friends!! wow!

This wasn’t the only festivity Jane and Michael had before the wedding, in the gorgeous quaint village of Kersey in Suffolk is a wonderful pub called The Bell Inn. Jane and Micheal stayed in Kersey in the weeks surrounding their wedding, to take a break in the fresh air and the beautiful scenery in southern Suffolk. On the Sunday Afternoon before their wedding, the couple had afternoon tea in the 14th century pub, which they said was absolutely perfect! Not only that but as the couple were not going to marry in a church they decided to give money to the Kersey Church, you can pay a small fee to have the flood lights put on in the church over night – the view from their room to look over the lights was fantastic.. however after a buzzing afternoon tea our couple were asleep before the lights came on!!

Now drawing back to the DIY parts of the wedding we just LOVE!

On the morning of Jane and Michael’s wedding, Jane arrived in a panto horse costume as a surprise for her husband to be. She was intending to keep the head of the horse on, but after seeing Michael, she couldn’t help but take it off and steal the first kiss of the day! When Jane arrived in her larger than life, comedic way, we knew we were in for a day of fun!

Jane told us how she had always dreamed of designing and making her own wedding dress, however with a few words from a friend reminding her that she would want to look ‘100 million’ on your wedding day, she compromised. Jane designed her dress and then took it to dress maker Susie Grist to create her dream dress – and self admitted, Jane was no Picnic! Though as we flick through her wedding photographs we can see all the hard work that went into it has beyond paid off!

That was not the only Dress Jane wore on her wedding day…

Husband Michael had been working at the Olympics in Rio, and on return was talking about the opening ceremony and particularly about the breathtaking Gisele who strutted up and down the catwalk in a gold sequence dress. With her light hearted approach to life, Jane saw this as an opportunity to do the exact same. Yet another brilliant surprise for Michael was newly wed wife Jane, Strutting out in a gold sequence. Believe it or not but the gold dress was hand made for Jane.!

She bought the material (you will not believe this) for just £2.75 a meter, and Sarah Harris a Silver Jewelry designer and maker, strung together the material to make an absolutely breathtaking dress.

Jane was not the only one with handmade clothes. The men’s shirt were each personally designed by Jane on a online website. The designs are then printed off on too meter’s of fabric which were then stitched into the shirts. with the help of Emma, Lady Britannia who is based in Oxfordshire, the shirts were a dream. If you browse through the photos you will see the men grouped together showing off their personalised shirts – see if you can guess anything about them!!

We could really talk for hours about all the hand made craft that went into Jane and Michael’s wedding, but instead of giving you essays to read through, how about you check out their photos instead and see what you can spot!

Other bits and bobs


Cake – Outrageous Cake Company (Jane designed her’s of course)

Make up Artist – Emma, from The Kersey Mill

Hair – Lindsey, from Fusion

Location – Hintlesham Hall


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