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 We love the Love Story behind every Wedding, but this was something spectacular…

The first time we heard Dawn and David’s love story we instantly fell in love with it! As part of preparation leading to your wedding day, we like to meet with couples. We invite them over to our house share drinks and food and find out all about their plans for the wedding day…but most importantly we get to know them!

On our first meeting with David and Dawn they brought in pictures of them back in their younger years when they first fell in love – and the pictures undeniably reflected their deep affection for one another! In the twists and turns of life, David and Dawn had gone on to live separate lives but their love story was not complete! In the hands of fate they found each other once again and their love sparked just like before. (really is quite like a movie isn’t it!)

So of course, wrapped up in their beautiful love story we were absolutely thrilled to be part of this incredibly special day for them. It was our job to capture that love just like what had shone through in all those photos from many years ago…but with these two love birds.. it was going to be a piece of cake!

The two traditionally spent the morning separate, however even with the size of the location that the venue sat on they weren’t too far apart. We found Dawn soaking up the Elizabethan history with Mum Doreen as she slipped into in a striking violet dress! and just across the fields we found David in a small cottage…having himself a full english breakfast! There was something so relaxed between these two which spread over the whole wedding giving such a sense of ease to the day.

Dawn and David split their wedding over two days – on the first day they had their wedding registered before following this with some delicious food and then of course some well deserved dancing!! The next day the couple dressed in their second wedding outfit, received a blessing from the church, and then proceeded to leave and drive off in an Old MG Motor car!

As we watched them gently rumble away down the country lanes that lead to and from Spain’s Hall there was a sense of new beginnings for these two as well as an air of nostalgia. Finally they were joined how they had always dreamt of so many years ago!

Fall in love with their love story by having a browse through their beautiful gallery..

Dawn and Davids Wedding Photography Gallery

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Dress – Louise Ruthen bespoke Dressmaker  

Florist – Designer Flowers Essex
Hair Accessories – Amanda Sutherland

Location – Spains Hall

Food – Cambridge Dining Company