Hylands House

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Hylands House

Jane & James wedding at Hylands House.

Hylands house is absolutely sensational! It has stood for over 300 years and is now surrounded by 574 acres of parkland! The building itself oozes history, it stands so effortlessly amongst the woodlands, ponds and gardens that surround it. Hylands House has had centuries of work done on it by each of its private owners in the past, so although full of history it feels in no way out-dated.

Jane and James are such a beautiful couple, it was only right that they had such a grand venue in which to celebrate their happily ever after, and it was our pleasure to be a part of their special day!

The two spent the morning of their wedding separate but just rooms away from one another. Hylands House, as you can imagine, has a large selection of rooms all of the upmost class! So as the two prepared themselves for the biggest day of their life, they could not have felt more special!

Jane’s strapless dress hung on an eggshell wall waiting to be worn – even off the hanger this dress looked astonishing. The dress hugged around jane with its corset back, and flared out from the tops of her knees. She looked amazing in the fishtail finish! Bridesmaid (Sophia of 5) looked adorable in her white dress, looking just like her beautiful mum!

James and groomsmen were suited in royal blue, even 1 and a half year old Joseph! Standing in front of the white Hylands House the men were outlined immaculately, we could only imagine how perfect this couple would look together.

As James turned at the aisle to see his beautiful Jane it became apparent it wouldn’t have mattered where they were or what they were wearing these two had true love in their eyes! The rich red ceremony room touched with finishings of gold is so bold and grand in its presence. Although darkly decorated the room is full of light from huge windows that pane the side of the room!

The grounds at Hylands House made the most perfect scenery to grab some beautiful pictures of Jane and James. They looked like something out of a fairy tale! The grounds were also perfect for the kids to play around in, after being quiet and well behaved for so long! a great location for a wedding with young children, take a look here to see for yourself how truly majestic this venue is!

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Dress and Shoes – Matchmakers

Flowers – Rooms of Blooms

Catering – Limeberry Catering