Ice Cream at Haughley Park Barn

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How else to enjoy Haughley Park Barn, than an ice cream in the sun…

Charis and Tom chose two venues that completely submerged us into the suffolk countryside; Haughley Park Barn and the church of Elmsett.

Elmsett church is such a unique building, it appears much larger on the outside than it is internally. I wonder if it is the rolls of farmed fields surrounding it which are all fairly flat, that make the church seem such a tall dominant feature. In reality, its actually quite cosy!

Inside, the stone walls have been plastered over and finished with a crisp white paint. In front of the stripped walls stands an organ of rich golds and green! As the rest of the decor is still very traditional; Dark oak seating benches, strips of wooden beams and delicately crafted windows. The white finished walls give the church quite a mediterranean vibration.

Charis and Tom continued their traditional theme by getting into a vintage car that they had to collect them. An absolutely beautiful plum MG Motor. To top it off, they even had old tins attached to the back of the motor by string, so it rattled signalling the newly wedded as they drove off!

It was a pleasant drive to Haughley Park Barn, the sun was peeping through the clouds, just enough to keep us warm as we wound through the suffolk countryside. Pulling into Haughley park barn is absolutely breathtaking, it stands amongst perfectly cut grass, with not a leaf out of place. Grand in its stature, (it’s huge!). Not only does Haughley Park Barn offer an incredible area for wedding receptions it also holds its own ceremony room and there is a spacious Farmhouse open for hire if you wish to stay with friends and family. (Not a bad view to wake up too on your wedding day!!)

Of course just on its own this building is beautiful, but everyone has their own twist and thats when it really comes to life. Charis and Tom had a simplistic neutral theme, each table was delicately decorated with a tall flower as a centre piece. It added just a splash of colour amongst the pure white scenery of the hall. They then dressed the barn and standing plants with fairy lights, adding a hint of magic!

Something we absolutely loved was the ice cream tricycle positioned outside the hall, it was so adorably vintage and a true country classic. It also was a great ice breaker for guests, as everyone mingled and chatted in the queue!

We loved the detail these two had gone into for the cake, the miniature bride and groom were dressed the same as Tom and Charis, even with the fine detail of Charis’s flowered over the shoulder strap. They looked just as good as the real Tom and Charis!

These two, cricket crazy lovers were so much fun on their day! They are big travellers as they follow England cricket all over the world. We saw the adventurous nature of Tom and Charis as well as their country bumpkin heritage. A divine mix and a wonderful day, heres to you two!

 Charis and Tom’s Wedding Photography Gallery

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Dress – Romantica (design) – Grace and Lace
Suits – Coes
Catering – Cloisters
Ice Cream Van – Matt Benecci
Florists – Myrtle + Mint