A Same-Sex Wedding – Two Dresses, One Love

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Same-Sex Wedding


Joanne and Faye absolutely nailed every detail of their Same-Sex Wedding – read on to find out how!

When organising a Same-Sex Wedding, there is quite a lot of extra thought that has to go into the process. Will your suites or dresses match? in what order will you walk down the isle? Who’s dad will deliver the speech? Will there be a best man, or bridesmaids? All of the traditional things that others may take for granted, can be a difficult, time consuming deciding process.

However with the right communication, and the right services a Same-Sex Wedding can really be quite spectacular. Our beautiful loved-up couple, Joanne and Faye had some fantastic advice and stories to share regarding the planning of their wedding, so read on to find out!!


Perhaps neither of you will be wearing a dress, or one of you is and the other a suit – but if you are, here’s a tip!
Joanne and Faye both chose the same dress stores to visit, Joanne and her bridesmaids were the first to go dress shopping and in visiting just two shops she had already found THE dress. Once it was on, many tears from bridesmaids, mum and bride, confirmed it. Joanne had found her dress at The Suffolk Bridal Company.

The ladies in the shop knew that both Joanne and Faye would be coming in to find their dress. Before Faye came in for her appointment, the girls in the shop had taken the dress Joanne had chosen off the shop floor. Faye could have no chance of seeing it or trying it on herself – phew!. Not only did the girls make sure that Joanne’s dress was safely tucked away, they had also pulled out dresses that would compliment Joanne’s dress for Faye to try – in the style Faye had asked for. Needless to say , Faye fell in love with her dress at the same store.! And see for yourself, the dresses looked incredible next to each other – good job Suffolk Bridal!


Can we blame Joanne and Faye for falling in love with Hintlesham Hall? of course not, who doesn’t!? not only is Hintlesham Hall, a grand, elegant venue it is also well equipped with a fantastic team. Now the standard procedure for Hintlesham hall is that the bride will stay in one of the principal suites – Braganza. The Braganza suite has a door leading to a large wide staircase, at the bottom of the staircase is mahogany wooden doors that open to the ceremony room. perfect for the dramatic big reveal moment – love it! However we have two brides here, who both need a reveal! Joanna, who was in the Braganza suite, took herself and her party and waited in the bedroom. Faye then passed through the living room, on her way to the aisle. With the all clear, Joanne and party followed down the steps for her turn.

Of course once the brides were sorted it also came with the discussion of the order of everyone else! Bridesmaids, flower girls, Best men? Thankfully after Joanne and Faye had decided who was going down the aisle first, the rest just fell into place. – Hintlesham Hall, you were fabulously accommodating!

Everything Else…

We could talk for hours about the difficult decisions Joanne and Faye went through to produce their incredible wedding like, how did they choose who got the bridal suite…?! But they made decisions just like any other couple does too; selecting the music to walk down the aisle too, choosing the food, hand-making invitations, designing the centre pieces, choosing colour themes – the list goes on. (Joanne is a self-admitted pintrest addict so if you’re looking for fresh new ideas check it out!). 

We had a fantastic time at Joanne and Faye’s wedding and are happy to answer any questions or queries you may have about your wedding! For now.. why not browse through their online wedding gallery!


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But before you go, have a look at our Beautiful Brides – Joanne and Faye