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Special Delivery – Amsterdam 03.08.16

Elena and Mike, who live in the heart of the Netherlands in Amsterdam had their beautiful wedding in Lake Como. With the fabulous help of wedding planner Sabina Domenici, it was an absolute dream wedding!

A while after the Wedding, the two travelled all the way to England to visit us in the little town of Stowmarket. When they arrived we had a much overdue catch up and heard all about their two new members of the family, Elena and Mike had had twins since the wedding!  However, it wasn’t long before the anticipated Elena and Mike sat down with us to finally view their wedding photos! Complete with snacks and wine we laughed and shared memories as the photos flicked past on the big screen in our home studio.

 Watching Elena and Mike’s face light up as the photos bring back so many happy memories reminds us why we do our job! We went through helping Elena and Mike to choose their favourites, and of course, to help put together their desired album. During this time Elena and Mike decided to ring their carpenter back home, who was making them a new unit in their house. They wanted to call and check that the central shelf would be big enough to present the album they had chosen!!

 After Elena and Mike had made such a kind gesture to travel all the way over to England to view the photos, we decided to return the favour. Even with the album securely sealed and wrapped, we decided there was no safer way for their gorgeous album to arrive than by personal delivery! So on 3rd of August we flew off to meet Elena and Mike once again, but this time – with a little box of memories in our hands.

Elena and Mike drove us to their lovely home and here they finally received the album they had waited so long for! We sat down once again and went through all of their beautiful moments. This time in their personally designed album, the pages were crisp and the pictures fully retouched. The 35 by 35 Graphi Studio Young Book design album  really did look tremendous. It was so special to be able to share this moment, laughing and reminiscing once more on the wonderful day they had had. They then placed the Album in its rightful place in the central shelf of the unit and it fit like a glove!

Elena and Mike had had a wedding videographer and we were so delighted when they asked to show it to us. Their beautiful wedding video filmed by Movie in White was incredibly professional he had captured every important moment of the day!

Elena and Mike then fed our hunger for exploration of the city! Walking around Amsterdam we can see why Elena and Mike like living here – it is such a beautiful city. We visited the Rijks Museum which is absolutely huge. It is filled with heaps of contemporary and classical Art that is sat in-between oozing amounts of History of the city – we spent 4 hours in there, and only saw two levels of the building!

We had all worked up quite an appetite when Elena and Mike suggested a popular restaurant they knew. It was the most divine fish restaurant we had ever been too! and popular indeed; their friends had set up the restaurant a little over a year ago and it had been fully booked ever since opening!

Just as they were about to head back to the airport Elena dashed into a shop. When she returned she had bought an array of Amsterdam cheeses, crackers and biscuits and gave them to us as a gift! We were so flattered and blown away by this couples generosity! it was such a lovely surprise…and very tasty by the way!

We had such an amazing time in Amsterdam even if it was just for a day! Thank you Elena and Mike for showing us your home and city surroundings, we hope you get the same happiness you did yesterday every time you open your album,

Good luck for your future..

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