Victoria & Adam at Easton Grange

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The Easton Grange is a fairly new venue, and it is perfect for your special day…

Victoria and Adam were one of the first couples who were married in Easton Grange. As Victorias dad had helped to build the new extension to the grange it was not surprising she was so in love with the venue! And rightly so – as it is absolutely perfect.

The venue is spacious with two barns conjoined by a long corridor which has a bar and seating area. The large facilities give you all the room you need to create your perfect wedding. This is exactly what Victoria and Adam did!  They decorated the huge Venues from top to toe with little trinkets holding a lovely meaning to them and detailed of decoration’s. Her dad even had spirit levels as cufflinks – perfect for a builder!

It was a fresh spring morning on the day of Victoria and Adams wedding, the sun was just beginning to warm up the day just as it was doing in the changing season. The Easton Grange made a beautiful spring wedding, its light interior soaked up all of the sunlight and reflected it even to the darkest of corners. The large windows that were found all along the new and old barn walls allowed the rooms to open up and feel fresh and welcoming!

There wedding theme complimented the spring surroundings perfectly. All of the bridesmaids were dressed in different colours, but all were pastel shades. From a freshly cut grass green, to a sky blue they effortlessly captured a pastoral ambiance.

Victoria’s dress was absolutely beautiful. It was in the style of a vintage flapper dress, but with delicate beading detail on each layer, hanging like fallen waves. She looked truly stunning.

Victoria and Adam were married in the new build barn which is on the left, the aisle leads down to large glass doors with large open pained windows above. The two had hung white decorations in front of the windows, including a large white woven heart, that dangled above them. The decorations again were so natural and simplistic yet looked so pretty hanging effortlessly in between the two.

These loved up newly wed’s were so fun to shoot with! They had lots of ideas, and we got so many creative fun photos of all the guests together as well as just the two of them. We nearly got carried away!

The dinner and reception was held on the right side of the building in the old barn. They had a live band who played their night away! and it wasn’t too long after their first dance that the floor was crowded with bubbling friends and family!

Check out the Victoria and Adams beautiful wedding photos here..

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Flowers – myrtle and mint
Dress – Claire Pettibone
Grooms Suit – Topman
Videographer – Alex Cameron Wedding Films