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villa del balbianello

Thinking of a Wedding in Lake Como? Villa del Balbianello is the perfect venue…

Our beautiful friends Merle and Andres chose to have the wedding in the gorgeous arms of Villa del Balbianello set in Lake Como. If you haven’t yet seen the astounding views of Lake Como then brace yourself for some of the most amazing forms of nature you could ever imagine. Found inside Italy on the boarder of switzerland we flew down to Wed Merle and Andres. Andres is a former Estonian football player, having set the goalscoring record for the Estonian national team he was now on to his next goal – to marry the love of his life, his beautiful Merle!

The couple chose a recently opened Hotel on the banks of Lake Como to stay in, the CastaDiva resort. The 6 star hotel has a range of stylish rooms and suites to stay in, with private pools and terraces looking out onto the picturesque Lake Como. We had never seen something so beautiful.

Merle started her day in the CastaDiva suite, and she outshone her surroundings by miles! Her dress delicately embroiled, showed off her amazing figure. Merles had a thin silk ribbon that tied like a halter neck and then dangled in a bow at the back of her neck, leading the eye down to the dress’s large train. Which too, had a gentle detail.

As tradition in Lake Como you must get a Boat to the Ceremony, so in the blazing rays of the sun we hopped on board and skimmed the Lake watching the water turn from blue to white as it crashed against the boat. The happiness and excitement bubbling inside Merle radiated off her and effected each and every one of us!

Villa del Balbianello is breathtaking. It has huge marble arches where vines grow and stretch over adding a splash of green to the clear blue and crystal views! the air flows freely and the ceremony area oozes with light! Topped with Merle and Andres standing underneath, a picture of sophisticated elegance – the view was complete.

In Estonia they have a Wedding Tradition where the bride ‘sends off’ her maiden name. In this case Merle wrote her maiden name on a piece of parchment and rolled it up, then attached it to helium balloons. Standing on the edge of Lake Como, Merle released her name into the air and watching, her name flew away, up and over the mountainous views!

We took to the Lake once again and glided across the warmed water to reach the CastaDiva resort once more! Merle and Andres greeted their guests with hit flasks for the guys, each one engraved with an A and an M on the front. While the woman were given beautifully designed pashminas. Just before the guests had been spoilt rotten by breathtaking views, sunshine rays, mouth watering food and even personal gifts the couple had only gone and had the singer Eda Ines Etti, a famous singer in Estonia, fly over especially to sing at the reception of their wedding. Her crisp clear notes swam around the air as the two danced the night away.

We are in complete awe of these two, click below to see these beautiful locations in a gallery of Merle and Andres. If you become interested in a Lake Como Wedding, we have all the details you could want, just visit us on our Lake Como Photography Specialist Page, and do not hesitate to get in touch!

Merle and Andres Wedding Photography Gallery

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